Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Night Gallery Gallery

Before Stephen King, Peter Straub, Ray Bradbury-all milestones in my horror Jones history—there was Night Gallery. Now, there were plenty of good episodes, 3 in particular I carry with me all these years later are: Pickman's Model (props Mr.Lovecraft), The Doll (based on an Algernon Blackwood short) and Lindeman's Catch. A mermaid love story gone wrong. Spoiler: you can see the fishy climax of Lindemann’s Catch here. But, the paintings, man, the paintings were the unspoken star of the show. How cool to find them all right here, waiting in the dark for a little company.

Here's Serling's intro to, and the painting for Lindemann's Catch."Painting number one: having to do with fishermen and what they fish for -- or, more specifically in this case, a fisherman and what he wasn't fishing for. What appeared in his net one afternoon defies logic, reason, and belief. But there it was -- Lindemann's Catch."

If you’re a youngin, and grew up after Night Gallery went off the air, you should check out the old episodes. Try The Doll for instance, and I dare you tell me that’s not Chucky’s great Grandmother.

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  1. I too was a great fan of the show....even in 11:30pm syndication...."Pickman's Model" and "Cool Air" ...."Return of the Sorcerer" with Vincent Price was also scary ..Check out my new Night Gallery posts a Dr. Theda's Crypt
    ....the Doctor