Saturday, July 2, 2011

Squirm Factor 10 - Bonk, notes on Sex

Laughing Scared has room from non-supernatural horrors as well, like this excerpt from Bonk, the Science of Sex, by Mary Roach. Coincidentally, I just had a punch biopsy recently, and was feeling kinda worked over and sorry for myself until I remembered this "procedure".

Word spread. By 1916, the nut graft had gone mainstream. The next step in the operation, Dr. Hsu has named the inside out maneuver. Though it is not so much inside out as just out. Using his gloved fingers, Dr. Hsu pulls the man’s penis up and out of the skin, through the three-inch slit, by its midshaft. ….. Dr. Hsu’s nurse is unwrapping the second implant, for the other erectile chamber. This one does not go gently. The insertion is done in two stages. One end is submerged down to the pubis bone …


  1. Wonderfully creepy and got me a good way! But I'm sick like that.

  2. Hi Robin, thanks for coming by. I am sick "like that" too or I suppose I wouldn't be posting such nastiness. Again, good lk with the book.