Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carnival of Horrors @ Blossom

Last October, I hired on at the annual Carnival of Horrors out at Blossom so I could pick up a little extra book money. By and large, the guests were the real freaks. Loud, drunken, high, obnoxious. All good qualities, just not in a dark spook house where I am not wearing a cup under my clown suit. I was slapped, shoved, scratched, run into, and one little girl threw a punch to my boys. I did have big fun working my makeups and listening to the crude banter in the make-up room before showtime--I heard the kind of twisted, f----- up hillbilly humor that makes Deliverance seem PG. Here's my moisty head wound BTW. Probably my best work, though the missing eye and bullet holes were not half bad for a rookie.
Click the red spot to make the pic big. I think you can even see some memories squirming around.

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