Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to Laughing Scared

Here's the Cliff Notes to my Blog Title. Laughing Scared speaks to the tick I have -- a kind of nervous chuckle -- that comes out in moments of genuine dis-ease during spooky books, movies, or political campaigning which is inherently horrifying. Granted, it's not a unique response to fear but I am glad my Blog isn't called Peeing My Pants (if I were a Stephen King character maybe), or Shitting Myself Scared or, you get the idea. There is a theory of course.
Scientists say different versions of the same gene linked to anxiety can explain the way in which some people are not affected, while others enjoy the suspense and the gore. These findings may explain why people have different reactions to horror films. While many scream and some even faint in cinemas at scenes of spinning heads and shaking beds, others simply laugh.
Though I would disagree that laughing equals "not affected". I laugh because I am affected. Much like Shaggy laughs when he's up to his bell-bottoms in Creepers or what have you. If you want to jump into the thread, tell me what kind of fear response you have to horror. To caffeine pants. To the inexplicable amount of attention paid the Kardashian clan. To a movie or two that had you making weird noises, wringing your hands, crying, or maybe laughing scared.

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