Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Legendary Pictures Godzilla Art Concept - Not

If you are tracking the new Godzilla movie in the works (very early stages of in the works) you might like to read about these two art concepts that were rejected. I think the top one is pretty good actually, but who knows what beef someone had with it. Much closer to the original than that crazy f------ mess Emmerich fathered into filmdom.


  1. Wow, thanks for this bit of G news. I haven't seen any designs for the new Godzilla yet (even rejected ones) so this is new to me. I agree that the top one looks a LOT like the "real" Godzilla and it makes me a little nervous to think that something that actually looks like Godzilla would be rejected. The bottom one looks like a cross between the real Godzilla and the 1997 thing-that-was-called-Godzilla. It's very hard to believe that they won't be at least somewhat true to the look of the original after all the hatred for the Emmerich version. I guess time will tell...

  2. Hi Glen, I hear ya. Not sure what the objections might be to a Godzilla that looks like, you know, Godzilla. The second is forcing a T-Rex snout on the wrong nuclear mutant. Sigh.