Sunday, January 8, 2012

Role Reversal -- Creatures Beware

I would love to see Julie Adams cradling the Creature from the Black Lagoon in her arms. Doesn't work with the overall premise behind the poster here, but would still be funny. A little. Click here to see a few more and to get the scoop behind tiny Kong. Would love to see a whole series (more than 3) of these.


  1. Hi Keith

    I am wanting to buy a poetry book of Robinson Jeffers work. Do you have any suggestions of which one would be the best.

    Thanks, V.

  2. Hello Vivienne, thanks for stopping by and for asking about Jeffers--always happy to champion important poets. If you can find it, (think I saw it on and amazon) Rock and Hawk collected shorter poems edited by Robert Hass is pretty highly regarded. I have it and think it's just right--if you get a more collected or complete works of type book you get into Jeffers LONG poems like Roan Stallion.