Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haunted by Cleavage

Ummm, thinking, thinking, thinking ... Heather Locklear's horror connection ... is there one? I am not sure but while I snoop around, I have to put this up because of the guy to the right on the pic and his downward gaze--sad to be the guy caught on film oogling boobs. Doubt he is mesmerized by her jewelery. I'm going to go with Haunted by Cleavage. That's a good enough connection for me.

P.S. editing the post here to report that Return of the Swamp Thing, and something something Terror where two Locklear films in the genre. I'm sure they were fabulous sorry I missed em.


  1. Have you seen the pic of me, Lennie Lies, and Len Barnhart on my Facebook page? Len Barnhart is TOTALLY checking out my cans! I guess I haunted him too, LOL!

    Go check it out here:

  2. There were guys in the photo? :)

    Just kidding. Yes, even a caption like Nice Shoes wouldn't convince anyone he's not boob-oogling