Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turkey Scare

Horror is horror, whether it's knife wielding lunatics or the Department of Agriculture doing a bang up job. Case and point. Last night for dinner, we tried a new dish .... turkey patties with rosemary, lemon, etc. It wasn't bad, but (and timing is everything, right?) after dinner I saw the headlines.

When it comes to bad meat, I can't help but thinking we're a few bites shy of mass outbreaks of disease--and then Zombie territory. I mean, who is to say how they Apocalypse begins, how we'll end. Perhaps it'll be neither a whimper or a bang as TS wrote, but with Green meat.


  1. I was hearing reports about contaminated turkey. I can only imagine what the meat looks like before it hits my plate when I eat out. Some scary stuff right there

  2. SD, true. Not sure how yet, but I am pretty sure this story makes the case for pizza 24X7