Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nosferatu. Not That One.

this one.
Ah, here's to those moments when your personal life and Blog theme happily come together. Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale, a craft brew from Great Lakes Brewing Co in Cleveland. How good is it? An A- over at Beer Advocate (for those of you into craft brews. Some of the profiles will say "amber" color, but blood red is more like it.

Here's my rating:

Cream-colored head, lacy as Lucy's nightgown.

Bitter malts with twist of caramel notes combine with a bold, earthy "who let the corpse out of the crypt" hop aroma.

Floral hops creep over the tongue, and run smoothly from the corners of your mouth during gulps. Shadowy cinnamon notes.

Moderate carbonation. Prepare to burp. Thick, sticky mouth feel. Jugular thick.

Coming it at 8% ABV, one or two bottles will give you the Renfield tremors. If you're lucky.

True, it's just a beer. But I have no problem calling it Master and doing its bidding. (Hench-sous that I am.) Sadly, it is seasonal and will only be around for a few months, or until the sun comes up. One of the two.

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