Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ho Ho Ho, Green Creepy Ass Giant

Never understood why anyone would make a giant their spokesthing. This Mr. Clean meets the Hulk morph always creeped me out as a kid--not an inspiring figure to encourage vegetable eating unless their plan was an implied 'eat your vegetables or the giant will get you'.
I would put the Spot Maker, spotting and streaking your dishes, in the same camp. Kinda look like a Green Goblin knock off shooting around the inside of a dishwasher. Scary.


  1. I wasn't really impressed with The Green giant, but Little Sprout? He was the cuteness!

  2. Robin, I wouldn't be surprised if they learned through focus groups, research etc., that the gen pub thought the giant was TOO creepy and tried to soften up the whole freak show with little sprout.